Foreign Policy and Political Thoughts

Donald The Carpathian

Election Prediction: Trump beats Clinton

Candidate X 

Stop Wasting Your Vote

Stop Blaming Corporations

Putin’s Pounds of Flesh

Organic War

Solving the Bad Cop Problem (And Creating Jobs)

What is a Female Politician?

Life, Music and Film

The Body Part Kim Kardashian Uses Better Than You

Excalibur’s Women – The Victim and a Hidden God (Part II)

The (Not So) Hidden Hero of Excalibur (Part I)

The Term African-American Is Stupid

Mrs. Robinson – The Great American Poem

Your Tattoo is Lame


Reforming American Professional Sports: A Proposal

The Next Lockout – Flip The Script

Qatar 2022 – The Whiny and Hypocritical US Sports Media is Driving Me Crazy

List of Questions Regarding MLS and USSF

Major League Soccer, Who Are You?

The Effects of Promotion and Relegation on American Sports

Bulgaria’s Wizards of Ov

The Top 5 Moments in African World Cup History

God Bless the SEC


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