List of Alliterated Insults


Watching the game…thinking of the coach…..

Damn you

Astronomically Absurd Asshole,

Abhorrently Atrocious Abomination,

Bombastically Blathering Baboon,

Boisterously Bloviating Blowhard,

Catastrophically Chaotic Charlatan,

Colossally Contemptuous Coward,

Cosmically Conceited Clodhopper,

Diabolically Decrepit Deviant,

Dangerously Duplicitous Douchebag,

Devastatingly Destructive Dingle-berry,

Disturbingly Disgraceful Derelict,

Degenerately Dimwitted Dumb-ass.

Electrifyingly Egregious Error,

Exceptionally Evil Egomaniac,

Ferociously Frightening Featherbrain,

Fantastically Felonious Fallacy,

Genuinely Generic Gargoyle,

Horrifyingly Hellacious Heathen,

Incredibly Incompetent Ignoramus,

Insidiously Irrational Imbecile,

Infuriatingly Incapable Idiot,

Judgmentally Juvenile Jabroni,

Knowledgeably Knuckle-headed Kinchin

Legendarily Lobotomized Laughingstock,

Ludicrously Lamentable Loser,

Mesmerizingly Muttonheaded Malfeasant,

Marvelously Maniacal Moron,

Monumentally Monstrous Mongoloid,

Malevolently Mischievous Misanthrope,

Notoriously Nefarious Nincompoop,

Outrageously Odious Orangutang,

Objectionably Outlandish Oomh-pa-loom-pa

Obliviously Obsessive Ogre

Preposterously Pretentious Pissant,

Pathetically Putrid Parasite,

Quintessentially Quarrelsome Queef-stain,

Reprehensibly Repulsive Rapscallion

Ridiculously Revolting Reject,

Repugnantly Reptillian Retard,

Sickeningly Sanctimonious Sycophant,

Spectacularly Stupefying Simpleton,

Tremendously Terrible Troglodyte,

Unequivocally Unqualified Usurper,

Unforgettably Unimpressive Ugly

Villainously Venomous Vagabond,

Worrisomely Witless Weisenheimer

…..till next week’s loss.


Still searching for X, Y, Z

Suggestions Appreciated.  Rules are: Three word alliteration; 10 or 12 syllables; Cannot use a word that is already on the list; First word ends in ‘ly’ and must be 4 syllables or more; Last two words must be a stand-alone direct insult; No one syllable words; second word cannot end in ‘y’.   Good luck.  And no vulgar curse words. We draw the limit at queef-stain.

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