Almighty Time Machine

Pondering awesome potentials conducting masterful plans,

Who’d operate but the Beasts of Power?

We could only be damned.

If marvelous futures fate magnificent machines to life,

Good men must sacrifice.

Destroy them.

Permanently without remorse.

Useless to repetitious Man,

Presume them parcel to insidious and hidden plans.

What good is time travel?

Rectify horrible wrongs saving millions?

Saving lost loves?

Nonsensical babble.

Lying promises to mindlessly blind masses allowing monstrous creations.

Promises as purposeful as scraps on a tank factory floor.

Only obvious explorations shall these devices explore.

Make creation comfortably fit into a blasphemous blueprint.

Dictatorial controls like those experienced never before.

Beasts, powerful imbeciles, are arrogant.

Destroying humanity’s story securing selfish plans,

A temporal game of whack-a-mole dousing fires before sparks are born.


Incentives smarten idiots but lure evil fully maddened.

Tinkering horrors will more rapidly happen until a timely disaster closes Man’s door.

Under magic thumbs,

Man is a slave hopeless and tragic, never realizing his fists.

Warn brave souls who would foolishly challenge Created Almighty.


Instantly forgotten.

Never remembered.

A forfeited right to exist.

The Beasts of Power crowned Masters of Fate is a fate truly fearsome.

Beware of these heathen machines.

They are the final graves of our freedom.

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