Old Fate

Gazing at Fate’s powerful piercing eyes.

Envious, I have no vision to share with Him.

Always longing for His sight over hidden horizons,

I fight on damned to fight myself.

Foolish, callous and triumphant I will charge

For an unattainable ultimate victory.

‘Oh, Fate. What do you see?’

I need His vision.

Man dies to know.

Has died a million deaths.

Shall die a million more.

What further price can be paid than the endless pain we two have sewn?

‘Respond, Almighty Fate!’


‘Silence! Futile Man.

Hear, finally. Not hope.’

If a choice, kindly, not even to enemy would I be known.

To be certainly condemned by certainty.

Naive Man.

I, powerful to him, would fear that destiny.

But damned Man’s bold stupidity still nags me.

‘Learn. Cursed fool.’

As I have said before.

Man does not know that he can see

But I cannot share his vision.

I am a relic, limp and blind.

Just a folly of ancient yore.

‘Old friend, it has always been

Freewill is King 

So beg of Fate no more.’

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