Sheeple, Sheeple, Everywhere.

Baaaahhh!!!  Is all that I hear.

Conventional wisdom thinking

Contrived from contrived fears.

And ignorance, of course.

We must never forget

That ignorance and fear

Are the filthiest of friends.

Well armed with these farces,

Sheeple will often spout

Lying slogans and mantras

Like obedient trout.

Sheeple don’t think or wonder

Or question how and why.

You can lie to their face

And they will pay it no mind.

The lie can be anything.

Doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s whatever the pleasure.

Even the weather or more.

Long, I’ve had a question.

The answer I fear I know.

When did they start lying?

My lifetime or long ago?

The more we search history,

The more we dare explore,

The most telling secret is

They don’t teach what they taught before.

Wise men often try to tell

To sheeple conditioned and tame

That Power has always lied

And Power is always the same.

Orwell was not a prophet.

Not a foreseer but a sage.

He didn’t describe his future.

He was describing his day.

Yet what he knew of Power

Sadly, will never change.

The enemy of men like Orwell

Is our enemy still today.

A foe that shall remain

Lifelong companion to us all.

A battle not to win or lose

But the battle to stand tall.

Never squander your resistance.

Do not be sheeple or a slave.

Cognitive dissonance and pain

Are the only benefit it pays.

Greats like Orwell root for us

To mold the world to our desire.

To challenge the authority.

And live with courageous fire.

So think hard, question everything.

Never fear what they might say.

Or, be condemned forever

To the same fate day after day.

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